Dream Worlds Con
Entertainment Schedule

Saturday Feb 11
11am- To Be Announced
12pm- O’Brian
1pm-1:30 – Antarctic Antics
1:30pm- To Be Announced
2pm- Michael McFarland
3pm- The Oddmall Costume Contest & Parade
4pm- 5pm- Loveline with Lovecraft & Gandersnitch

Sunday Feb 12
11am- Sean Benjamin
12pm- Belly Dancing with Shuvani Dance Studio
1pm- Kevin Conaway
2pm- The Oddmall Costume Contest & Parade
3pm- New Goblonian Live Radio Show with Gandersnitch the Goblin
4pm- Michael McFarland

Schedule of Panels and Activities

Saturday Feb 11
11am- Ghosthunting with Ohio Researchers of Banded Spirits
12pm- Found Art Panel
12pm- Sock Puppet Workshop ($5 in Kid Cave)
1pm- How to Be an Effective Game Master
2pm- Quick Draw
5pm- Crowdsourcing

Sunday Feb 12
11am- Ghosthunting with Ohio Researchers of Banded Spirits
12pm- Found Art Panel
12pm- Glove Puppet Workshop ($5 in Kid Cave)
1pm- Intro to Cosplay
2pm- Quick Draw
3pm- Iron Artist

Gandersnitch the Goblin


Gandersnitch the Goblin, the Banished Barber of Goblonia, has been noted by some to be the 9th wonder of the world… He dumped her shortly thereafter though, because anyone attracted to goblins has been historically proven to be slightly unstable. Since 2009 he has been found at faires and festivals across the country, from Oregon to New York to Kentucky and many points between, entertaining the masses with his unique brand of goblin humor and questionable antics. He has told tales for children, spun poetry for adults, hosted unfortunate tea parties, and flirted shamelessly with girls from Romania (which is evidently right next to Goblonia, his home country). In 2012 he discovered the steampunk scene, and quickly established himself as a pillar of impropriety among the ranks of tiny top hats, corsets, and kilts. A year later, the more mainstream comic book, geek, and gaming conventions followed, proving a perfect place to blend in like a sore thumb among all the other weirdos. In recent years he has peddled his Snake Oil Comedy Show, hosted his Bloody Brilliant Talk Show, conducted for the prestigious Goblonian National Volunteer Orchestra, and even been coaxed into the occasional Goblin Burlesque. He has also authored and produced multiple books and an audiobook, been kicked out of a major retail chain for looking strange and suspicious, and has been awarded such honors as “The Most Off the Cob Attendee” and a possible winner of the Publisher’s Clearinghouse Sweepstakes!

Michael McFarland



Unleaded rhythmic alt-pop fuels singer/songwriter and two-wheel troubadour Michael McFarland’s engine. Garnering comparisons ranging from modern rock groups such as Matchbox 20 & The Fray to classic singer-songwriters such as Paul Simon & Elton John, the Cleveland, Ohio based performer mixes an intensity with a sensitivity wrapped in effective contradictions. Astride his motorcycle with a guitar strapped to his back, making references to quantum mechanics or science fiction, McFarland embraces and explores his wide spectrum of knowledge, interests, experiences, and hobbies in his music and writing. Michael McFarland in the simplest summary? Writer, Rocker, Biker, Geek.

Click here for his full biography.

JEZEBEL and Shuvani Dance Company

picture of Jez belly dancing

Jezebel is a middle eastern dance instructor and performer. She started studying middle eastern dance in 1997 and later began teaching at workshops and seminars.

Her study of music theory enabled her to recognize how to mesh movement to music and her innate ability to envision sound as movement earned her the position of choreographer with troupe Hareem Shar’eem, Wicked Gypsy, Maevyn, JezeMel and The Shuvani Jezebels specializing in solos as well as group numbers which utilize her unique fusion of American tribal, Gypsy and Gothic Bellydance.

Jezebel’s classes focus not only on learning individual movements, but on putting separate movements together into a choreography that echoes a specific piece of music. She feels that musicality is a vital part of a dancer’s repertoire and enjoys combining movements from several different dance styles to make her choreography fun, challenging, and innovative.

The studio is located in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. Hire Jezebel for classes, workshops, choreographies, or for a performance–solo or with one of her troupes. For more information on class times.

To read more about Jez, click on the link: Examiner.com Cleveland

To follow Jezebel’s Bellydance Blog: jezfever.wordpress.com