Fandom & Cosplay


Cosplay at Oddmall? There’s cosplay at Oddmall?

Heck yeah there’s cosplay at Oddmall! A significant amount, in fact. Come visit our friends from Northeast Ohio Ghostbusters, the 501st, Rebel Legion, Mandalorian Mercs, Heroes Alliance, and an entire horde of incredibly talented costumers, fans, and costumer-fans! Come in costume. Nobody will laugh (unless your costume is funny). Oddmall is all about sharing creativity with like-minded peeps. If you can’t dress as your favorite Gravity Falls character here where can you?

Is there a costume contest?

Yes, of course there is. The Oddmall Costume Contest, which is FREAKIN’ LEGENDARY, will take place at 3pm on Saturday. It’s open to anybody in a costume, with multiple categories and prizes and all sorts of exciting jazz. Registration begins when Oddmall opens, so come early and make sure you reserve your spot in the contest.

Who will be judging the costume contest?

Oh, don’t you worry. We have a bunch of TOP SECRET costume contest judges lined up, including Gandersnitch the Goblin, Filk legend Tom Smith, and another TOP SECRET person whose name we won’t reveal just yet (because it’s TOP SECRET).

Do you have, like, some sort of super cool MCs lined up to host the thing?

We sure do! None other than the fantastically entertaining geekular duo of Kylan and Ken from the popular Geek Watch One podcast will be in effect, wowing us with their masters-of-ceremonies-ness, witty discourse, and incredible handsomeness.

What else? Is there a costume parade?

There certainly is. Directly after the costume contest we’ll invite everyone in a costume to line up and traipse the entire venue, sharing their awesomeness for all to see. It will be EPIC!

How do I get involved?

Just show up in costume. If you want to be in the contest, make sure you register at booth 1 (right inside the main doors) before the contest begins (the earlier the better).