Canton Museum of Art and Oddmall Expedition Elsewhere have a little something special planned for you guys…


Dream Worlds Con? What’s a Dream Worlds Con?

I’m so happy you asked. Dream Worlds Con is a special collaboration between Canton Museum of Art and Oddmall: Emporium of the Weird. See, there’s this annual event that happens every February in Canton, Ohio. It’s called Oddmall: Expedition Elsewhere and it’s a super happenin’ shindig chock full of fantastic vendors, amazing artwork, and all sorts of oddities, games, toys, collectibles, and other geeky, unusual, bizarre, and wonderful things. Over 6000 people attended 2016’s Expedition Elsewhere and we’re expecting at least that many in 2017.

Dream Worlds is an incredible gallery show hosted by Canton Museum of Art from December 2016 through March 2017. It’s all about Imaginative Realism and features works by many of today’s top fantasy artists and illustrators.

Holy crow! We all thought at once. Since Oddmall is happening in the same building as the Dream Worlds exhibition and since Oddmall already features all sorts of wonderful jazz that shares the themes of the gallery show AND since the hosts of Oddmall also run Con on the Cob so they have lots of experience with conventions and games and cosplay and panels and such, wouldn’t it be just the best thing ever if we combined all those things into one event?

Yes. Yes it would. Hence, Dream Worlds Con is now a thing. It’s like Oddmall: Expedition Elsewhere shared a very special evening with Canton Museum of Art and nine months later gave birth to some sort of freakish mutant offspring overflowing with amazing fantasy art, tabletop games, costumes and costumers, panels and workshops, live art demos, special guests, and purveyors of all things odd, unusual, geeky, and wonderful! What could possibly be more awesome?

Here’s something that could possible be more awesome: How about if the whole thing was only FIVE MEASLY BUCKS and all proceeds went to benefit the Canton Museum of Art? That would be pretty awesome, wouldn’t it. Yes. Yes it would. It’s also the way things are.

We’ll be posting all sorts of information in the very near future. For now, consider yourselves armed with knowledge and bait your breaths in anticipation of what lies ahead.

Is Vendor Registration live?

Yes. It is indeed. Although most of the rest of the website is still being updated from the 2016 show. You can reserve a booth right here!

Here are some maps to familiarize you with the layout of things.





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