Dream Worlds Con was AWESOME! Registration for Expedition Elsewhere 2018 is LIVE!

Holy suffering socks on a cow! Dream Worlds Con was a blast and a half (even though some sort of con crud crept through the caverns and infected a bunch of us).

Special thanks to the Canton Museum of Art and the Cultural Center for the Arts for being such generous and wonderful hosts. If you ever have the occasion to use these venues for anything I couldn’t give a more glowingly positive review. Rob, Becky, Max, George, Scott, Jake, Anne, Andrew, Rob, and everyone else whose name I am either forgetting or never knew my hat, were I wearing one, would be off to you.

Also, much love to the Oddmall Awesome Squad – Krystal, Greg, Robin, Brent, Heather, Aurora, Iliana, Elyse, Brock, Wyl, Dave, Storm, Bart, Ken, Dawn, Kylan, Mike, Vicky, Angus, Eden, Gandersnitch, Sean, Kevin, Jez, Matt, and the entire cast of Antarctic Antics – for making my job possible and for keeping us entertained while it happened. I love you all.

In related news, soon after I post this post, registration for Oddmall: Expedition Elsewhere 2018 will be live and ready to receive vendors. I have to make a few modification to the maps and the graphics, but that shouldn’t take too long.


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