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Please familiarize yourself with the policies and practices described on this page before submitting the Vendor Registration Form, which you can find by scrolling all the way down
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Policies & Practices

Booth Sizes and Fees

6’x8′ (purple): $140 (#s 96, 97, 99, 100, 101, 102, 104, 105, 111, 112, 113)

3’x8′ (yellow): $70 SOLD OUT!

6’x12′ (tealish): $210 2 LEFT! (#70 and #32)

10’x10′ (pink): $280 1 LEFT! (#60, #110)

What’s Included?

All booths include two chairs at NO CHARGE (except yellow booths, they only have one chair). If you would like to rent a table (6’x30″) you can do so for an extra $10. If you do not need a table or prefer to bring your own that’s great. There is no charge for electricity, but if you need electricity please try to select a booth along a wall.


Oddmall is a juried show. This means artists and crafters must pass a very simple screening process to ensure their products meet the quality standards of the show and they aren’t presenting the same products as a dozen other vendors. To see if you pass the jurying process simply email a sample or three of your work (72 dpi jpegs, please) or a link to your website to Andy at If you get confused and register for a booth without first submitting samples, don’t worry; if you don’t pass the jurying process for whatever reason I’ll refund your booth fee and let you know why. We’ll still be friends.

Anyone who peddles wares related to comics, games, toys, books, puzzles, pop culture, movies, tv, horror, sci-fi, fantasy, or anything geeky or unusual is invited to participate and may bypass the jury process.

Similarly, if you were invited by an Oddmall staff member or have been an Oddmall vendor you have already passed the jury and are not required to submit samples.

Refunds and Cancellations

Booth fees are nonrefundable unless the reason for the refund is our fault. Please make certain you can attend the show before you submit your registration.


Vendors are encouraged to decorate their booths in whatever fashion they desire. Backdrops and hanging walls are permitted. You may bring additional tables and fixtures with you, if you like, but all display materials must fit within your allotted space.


By registering as an Oddmall vendor you are giving us permission to use images of you and your artwork in our advertising and on our website.

News and Updates

To make sure you’re up to date on all of Oddmall’s happenings – such as important announcements, contests and giveaways, and more – please sign up for our newsletter.


We’ll do our best to make sure you get the booth you reserve, but Oddmall reserves the right to adjust booth assignments based on availability and unforeseen changes in room layout. Due to the topography and geometry of the various rooms, objects such as pillars and scrunched up accordion walls make it difficult to accurately depict the precise room layouts. The maps represent approximations of the actual layout and no claim of absolute accuracy is made. Please include a first, second, and third choice of booth numbers.

Billing statements will say “Con on the Cob” as the account name. Con on the Cob is a gaming nerd convention that shares the Oddmall account, not a confidence trick, in case you were worried. Both entities are hosted by Mutha Oith Creations.

Food Service

Food vendors are welcome at the Cultural Center for the Arts and there is NO extra charge for vendors who serve food. All food service vendors, except those serving confectionery, packaged food, or otherwise preserved food must be licensed in the city of Canton.

Reserve Your Booth

To reserve a booth (or multiple booths) please fill out the form below. If you prefer to pay by check or arrange some other method please email Andy and we’ll work it out.

Please Read!

Check the Vendor List before picking your booth number to make sure it’s not already reserved. If you happen to choose a booth that is already reserved, we will do our best to get you one in the same general area. Please familiarize yourself with the policies and practices listed on this page before signing up.

*Due to the smaller number of vendor booths available for our Canton events, we will be limiting the percentage of direct sales/independent consultant vendor spaces to help keep with the traditional handcrafted and geeky theme of Oddmall. (Direct sales/independent consultant vendors includes things like Jamberry, Mary Kay, Tastefully Simple, Origami Owl, ThirtyOne, etc.) If you have any questions, please contact Krystal at

**Due to the large number of vendors in the past who have signed up for a booth and never sent a payment, we are no longer able to hold booths without payment. Please submit your payment WITH your signup form. (If you are mailing a check, please mail it as close to submitting your form as possible.) If your name is not on the vendor list or if it has a star, we have not received your full payment.

If you would like to mail a check or money order for your booth payment, please make it payable to Andy Hopp and mail it to:

Andy Hopp
1700 Steese Rd
Uniontown, OH 44685


Important note about vendor spaces

Each booth will be mapped out prior to setup. Vendors are required to stay within their booth’s footprint. Walkways are measured ahead of time to comply with safety and fire codes as determined by the fire marshal. Spilling into the walkways can become a serious issue that can result in injury and/or fines. Taking up space in your neighbor’s booth is not allowed without their consent. 

Vendors are NOT permitted to call out across other booths or walkways to people passing by to try and get them to come to your booth, offer them free samples, get them to sign up for raffles, hawk your wares at them, etc.  We’ve had several complaints and this behavior will no longer be tolerated since it causes customers and visitors to actively avoid the area all together and ruins the experience for everyone. Vendors doing this may not be invited back to future Oddmalls.

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