Greetings Oddmall Vendors (and Potential Vendors),

Andy here. I’m about to plop down some important gab about all sorts of Oddmall vendor related things. Here’s a bullet list of salient points in case you lack the inclination to read the whole thing:

  • Vendor Setup: Friday 4pm-10pm, Saturday 7am-10am
  • How should vendors unload? Pull up under the big concrete awning and unload there. We will have peeps onhand to assist you in finding your booth. Once you have unloaded we’ll give you a parking pass so you can park in the lot behind the building.
  • Will carts be on hand? Yes. Because they are awesome, the Cultural Center for the Arts will provide six carts for our use.
  • Is it cool if I leave early? No, it is not cool.
  • Who are the Oddmall Staff? I’ll post pictures of us below.
  • What live entertainment will there be? So much great stuff. Read on to learn more.
  • What if there’s a blizzard? If we have to cancel the show because of bad weather we will reschedule for a later date.
  • Will there be food? Yes! In fact, Billy’s Gourmet Concessions will be taking your orders by text message (or in person) and delivering hot food directly to your booth.
  • Wi-fi: Yes, there is free wi-fi at the venue.
  • Valentines: Peeps will be giving Valentine cards to their favorite artists and vendors. Whoever gets the most wins a sweet prize package. Maybe make a box or something to put them in…
  • How can we sign up for the next Oddmall? You can sign up for Oddmall: Emporium of the Weird and Oddmall: Chrishanukwanzmadan at www.oddmall.info. Everybody who has signed up for Oddmall: Emporium of the Weird (Our biggest show! Over 220 vendors! April 30 and May 1 at the Knight Center in Akron) will be entered into a drawing to WIN A FREE BOOTH! We will also be offering signups for those shows at Expedition Elsewhere.
  • Are there any booths left? Because of last minute cancellations we currently have THREE booths available. I doubt they will linger for long, so nab one posthaste if you want one).
  • What advertising has been done? Newspaper ads and articles. Lots of facebook ads. Flyers. Various othernesses.
  • How can we help spread the word? Tell everyone! Also, see below.
  • Booth Design: You can basically set up your booth however you want as long as it isn’t obstructive to your neighbors and you remain within your territory. There are tips below.
  • Do you have any tips for new vendors? Yes indeed, but they are too detailed to include in this bullet list. Please read them below.


Vendor Setup Information

Here’s the meat of the matter. Oddmall: Expedition Elsewhere will feature a special treat for all you wonderful artists and vendors out there. I’m talking about FRIDAY SETUP!!!! Yes indeed, by popular demand and because we love you, vendor setup will begin at 4pm on Friday. We’ll have six hours on Friday (4pm until 10pm) for vendors to move in and work on their awesome booth displays. We’ll also have three hours on Saturday (7am-10am) for the same. Oddmall staff will be onsite decorating and setting up our own jazz most of the day Friday, so if you are inclined to help us out in that regard you are welcome to show up any time after 11:00am (you can also set up your own stuff then if you want).

Setup Times

Friday February 12th: 4:00pm-10:00pm (earlier if you want to help decorate).
Saturday Febuary 13th: 7:00am-10:00am (The show starts at 10:00, so please be ready to go by then).

Expedition Elsewhere ends at 5:00pm on Sunday February 14th. PLEASE DO NOT CLOSE DOWN EARLY. Closing your booth early is very unprofessional and makes everyone look bad. It disrespects the show, exhibits contempt for your fellow vendors, and brings shame and disgrace onto your family name for generations to come. It is normal for things to die down considerably during the last hour or so of any show. If that happens, please use the time to make some new friends or maybe do some shopping yourself. If you have an emergency and must leave early please let a staff member know and we will assist you.

Loading and Unloading

When you arrive, please pull up under the huge concrete roof thingy (you can’t miss it). There are three entry doors and we will be using the ones on the North and West sides of the building for loading and unloading. Carts will be on hand for your use. Please attempt to unload your jazz in as orderly and efficient a manner as possible so the next person in line won’t have to wait too long. We will have volunteers from the NEO Roller Derby on site (mostly Saturday but hopefully Friday as well) to help you move your things and direct you to your booth.

Once you have unloaded your vehicle please find a staff member and we will hook you up with a free parking pass.


Who are the Oddmall Staff?

We’ll have several staff members and volunteers in attendance to entertain your every twisted whim and help you with anything with which you may need help. We very sincerely appreciate you spending time with us and we’re here for you. If you have any questions or need anything at all, please DO NOT HESITATE (in fact HURRY THE %$#& UP!) to ask us for assistance.

Andy (Supreme Overlord, Mutha Oith Creations – Booth 12)


Krystal (Master of Minions, Live.Dream.Create – Booth 59)


Heather (Queen of the Cosplay Coven, Cosplay HQ – Booth 109)


Greg ( Strong-Backed Lad, 3Cat Collectibles – Booth 87)


Julie (Monger of Wares, The Oddmall Souvenirium – Booth 13)


Robin (Ambassador to the Populace, Oddmall Welcome Booth – Entryway)


Kylan & Ken (Official Oddmall Podcast, Geek Watch One – Booth 103)


NEO Roller Derby (Awesome Volunteers, Scattered Haphazardously About)



Live Entertainment?

We have a full roster of fantastic entertainment planned. All these shows take place on the Oddmall Stage, which is located right behind booths 109 and 110. There are still a few changes being made, but currently the schedule looks like this:

Oddmall: Expedition Elsewhere Entertainment Schedule

Saturday 12:00pm: Belly Dancing with Shuvani Dance Company
Saturday 1:00pm: Tom Smith
Saturday 2:00pm: Gandersnitch’s Stupid Goblin Game Show
Saturday 3:00pm: The Oddmall Costume Contest & Parade
Saturday 4:00pm: Michael McFarland
Saturday 5:00pm: Tom Smith

Sunday 11:00am: Michael McFarland
Sunday 12:00pm: Tom Smith
Sunday 1:00pm: The Confused Greenies of Players’ Patchwork Theatre Company
Sunday 2:00pm: Gandersnitch the Goblin Presents The Goblonian National Volunteer Orchestra and Recitations of Love Valentines Day Special EXTREME!
Sunday 3:00pm: Ask Lovecraft with Leeman Kessler
Sunday 4:00pm: Tom Smith


Yeah, but, like, it’s February, dude… What if there’s, like, a blizzard or something?

It is indeed February. While we’ve had a very mild winter so far there always remains the slight chance of a horrific blizzard, winter storm, or giant monster attack. In the unlikely event we are forced to cancel the event due to weather or circumstances beyond our control we will reschedule for a later date (probably late March). If you are unable to make it to the makeup event you will be given a free booth at a future Oddmall of your choice.

Will there be food?



In addition to the many confectioners, bakers, and funnel cake makers in attendance (it is Valentine’s Day, after all) Billy’s Gourmet Concessions (Booth 106) will be gracing us with a beautiful assortment of hot and fresh delicacies. Vendors will be able to place orders, either via text message or in person, and have delicious nom noms delivered directly to their booths! How awesome is that?

Here’s the (tentative) menu:


Wait, did that say Bacon Tot Bombs? BACON. TOT. BOMBS.

What about Wi-Fi? I can’t live without my Wi-Fi. Will there by Wi-Fi? Tell me there will be Wi-Fi!!!! There will be Wi-Fi, right?


Network Name: ArtsinStark Guest
Network Key: sorciere

What’s the deal with the Valentines?

Peeps who show up to Oddmall and drop a little something in the “Oddmall is Free But We Have Mouths To Feed” bucket (it’s actually a big purple monster, not a bucket) will be given a special Valentine card. It looks like this:


The gist is they are supposed to give the card to their favorite artist or vendor (it might even be YOU!). Whoever has the most Valentines at 5pm on Sunday will win a special prize package of goodies from Mutha Oith Creations, Live.Dream.Create, Doki Doki Chocolate, and anybody else who wants to donate something cool.

Vendors are encouraged to create some kind of snazzily decorated box to collect all their precious, precious Valentine cards in.

Hey, why not bring some of your own Valentines to give your fellow vendors? Why not indeed…

How can we sign up for the next Oddmall?

You can sign up right now for Oddmall: Emporium of the Weird and Oddmall: Chrishanukwanzmadan at www.oddmall.info. Everybody who has signed up for Oddmall: Emporium of the Weird BY FEBRUARY 15th will be entered into a drawing to WIN A FREE BOOTH!  (Our biggest show! Over 220 vendors! April 30 and May 1 at the Knight Center in Akron).


We will also be offering signups for those shows at Expedition Elsewhere. Greg and Krystal will bring the appropriate forms to your booth on Sunday.

Are there any more booths available for Expedition Elsewhere?

They were all sold out but we just had a couple of last minute cancellations. Currently, as of the time of this writing, there are THREE booths available. If you want one, or know somebody who might, please act as soon as possible.

What advertising have you done?

For the past month or so we have been running this ad


on facebook. It has received over 40,000 views as of 11:35am on February 4th and will continue to run up until the 13th. Additionally, we have distributed roughly 4000 flyers throughout Northern Ohio, placed ads in the Suburbanite newspaper in six regions (distribution to over 35,000 homes), ran continuous ads in Coffee News, and we have articles appearing in the Suburbanite and the Canton Repository. Oddmall has also been mentioned on several area podcasts and word of mouth has been INCREDIBLE! If you’re one of the people who has been talking us up on facebook, twitter, and other social media (or face to face with your friends) we thank you deeply. Please continue to do so.

How can I help spout the gab?

Keep on doing what you’re doing. Tell everybody you know. Post on the facetweets and the instabooks and all those other fun places. Feel free to nab art from the website for that purpose.

What can we do with our booths?

As long as your jazz remains within the confines of your prescribed area you can do just about anything. There are limits, of course. Any nekkid boobies and such should be covered by a cloth or something so casual walkersby of a delicate persuasion are not offended. Remember, this is Oddmall, not Granny’s Old-Fashioned Country Quilt Jamboree. We want you to have fun and make an impression. Decorate your booth (and yourself)! Have a blast and make your booth stand out.

Every 6’x8′ booth includes a 6′ table and two chairs. You are welcome to bring whatever else you want as long as it isn’t illegal and it fits in your booth. You can arrange your tables and chairs however you want (or get rid of them entirely). I’ll have more tips on that in the next chunk. For now, though, please enjoy these pictures of some snazzy booth designs from previous Oddmall shows:

If you would like to have access to ELECTRICITY at your booth please let us know by Monday February 8.

How about some tips for new vendors?

Sure thing. Many of you are experienced craft show and comic con vendors but to a significant number of you Oddmall: Expedition Elsewhere is your very first show. We want it to be a successful one. Here are some bits of tid I’ve picked up throughout the years that may help you. These nuggets may not work for everyone, so adherence is not required. They are simply things I’ve noticed and advices I give freely unto you. To spice things up, pretend you found them inside a fortune cookie.

She who sits around looking surly or bored and doesn’t engage her customers is doomed before she even begins.

He who uses a Square Reader to take credit card payments is wise beyond that guy who doesn’t.

She who fails to prepare prepares to fail.

It is a wise man who brings items with an assortment of price points.

A righteous neighbor is kind and helpful to those on either side of herself. Potty break-spotters are more easily garnered from friends than from enemies.

A well organized and attractive booth is a key to prosperity.

She who looks both ways before crossing the street probably won’t get hit by a duck.

Wise is the vendor who remembers to bring cash with which to make change.

An auspicious artist respects the venue and those around her.

A sagacious vendor realizes things take time to accomplish and shows up early enough to get everything done before the show begins.

Seriously, engage your customers. You’re not just selling your art or your spatulas or whatever, you are selling yourself. People like to have a story to tell about the art they buy. Talk with your peeps and make them feel welcome at your booth whether they buy anything or not.

Be memorable for the right reasons. If your name is Dick it’s ok to be one, but otherwise it is not.

You can sit down if you want to. Personally, I never sit down at shows. I usually arrange my jazz behind and around me, creating an environment that people can walk into. It feels more like a shop than a booth and allows me to interact with people much more easily than if I were sitting behind a table. I realize this stopped sounding like a fortune cookie a while ago but for some reason I’m still using italics.

Wear a costume if you want. Dye your hair a funky color. Stand out from the crowd (but not in an obnoxious way).

Your jazz is probably awesome, but it’s not for everyone. Remember that.

It takes time to develop a fan base. If you don’t sell a lot at your first show don’t give up. This is an introduction, not a third date.

What else?

I think that should about cover it, although I’m sure I’m missing something important. If you have any questions or concerns please let me know. HAVE AN AWESOME ODDMALL!!!!!

Oh yeah, the 13th is my birthday, in case that means anything to anyone…

See you Friday (or Saturday).

Much love,



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